MINIMALISM – A Vote Please !


I need 3 images for the National Geographic Shot of The Day.

The current assignment is MINIMALISM.

There’s always thousands of entries, but it’s always fun to enter these competitions and always interesting to see how other photographers interpret the Assignment.

Three (out of 4) of the entries I submitted to 2016 Australian Photographer of the Year – Black & White category, are in this post too.  Normally, I can choose my own entries easily, but not this time around.



……and while this assignment could be interpreted in a number of different ways,  I’m thinking Simple Subject, Leading Lines OR Minimal Light, but I can’t decide out of the images in this post.  I’m sure to have more simple subjects way back in my Archives, but I haven’t the time to look too far back at the moment.  My photo library has got a bit out of hand since I updated my Mac’s software and I’m still in the process of reducing my Image Library down to just a few thousand of my favourites (only).  So one day in the future it will be much easier to trawl through the archives.

22nd January 2014 - Melbourne CBD

I would appreciate the thoughts of some of my Followers.

There’s a few colour shots, although I am a big fan of Black & White AND Low Light (as opposed to colour).

Perhaps some of the image below are a bit too busy?  I suppose it depends on your interpretation of MINIMALISM.  Either way, today’s post might be interesting to new followers for the range of subject matter.