19 thoughts on “LAST LIGHT – THE KITCHEN #23

  1. That strip of light which moves across the room makes for some interesting B & W images (assuming you’re looking in the right direction and catch it πŸ™‚ )

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  2. I love that small pocket of light which hits my kitchen table and then moves over my galley kitchen over about an hour at dusk, Otto. I’ve made quite a few photos over the last year, experimenting with it.

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  3. Thanks, Tanja. I was wishing I’d got that garlic in sharp focus, but my attention was on the tomato vine at the time of shooting. I can always have another try while that shaft of bright light hits the fruit platter during the summer afternoons though.

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  4. Thank you, Vagabonder.

    The ‘Last Light’ project was started when I discovered early one evening, that a small beam of light from the shallow ceiling windows caught the dying sun at dusk. This small beam of light moves across my lounge/galley kitchen, at dusk just as the sun falls low in the sky. I live on a steep small hillside and the light indoors stops very suddenly as the sun sets (on the cliff face above my apartment block).

    It’s almost like a small torch light moving.

    You’ve got to be very quick with a camera to catch whatever the beam of light catches. Sometimes, there’s not even time to compose a shot or take 2nd and 3rd shots, you’ve just got to aim at the shaft of light, press the shutter button and hope that you catch an interesting composition.

    I’ve got barely 2 minutes before the beam of light stops and the room falls into darkness (and I pull down the block-out blinds and turn the night lights on in my apartment).

    I photograph in colour and convert to B & W.


  5. Hi Vicki,

    I like your idea of the “Last Light” project, even when you’re at home there are things that are worth to be photographed. If you combine this with the last light of the day things can work out very well as you are showing.

    Looking forward to more work from this project!

    Kind Regards,

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  6. Having such a small apartment means that subject matter is limited when you’re housebound, Vincent, but the light is so variable (and interesting) at different times of the day, I thought it was worthwhile doing some experimenting.

    Like you, always fun to explore some of the detail indoors.


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