12 thoughts on “TAKE 2 – Flinders Lane, Melbourne

  1. Thanks for dropping by, Ted.

    I saw your comment on someone else’s blog and decided to check out your own blog and being mainly a nature photographer (myself) in the past, liked it, particularly your bird photography.

    I actually think you might like my nature blog https://vickialfordnatureblog.wordpress.com. more, except that last week I deleted all 300+ posts/archives, so there’s only about 6-7 images on it (instead of 2000-2500 images which have been deleted). I do, (or did), mainly bird and flower photography. I will be uploading many of my old bird and flower photography for this year’s new followers.

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  2. Thanks Randall.

    I rarely go to the city now I’m living further away and to be honest, the crowds, smells and cigarette smoke are stifling. I’m holding out hope I get some B & W nature photography to keep this blog going.

    I live in a multi-cultural suburb now, and any attempt at street photography would be viewed with great suspicion by the refugees and groups of unemployed youth hanging around.

    Still, some nature images do convert very well to B & W.


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