TAKE 2 – Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


27 thoughts on “TAKE 2 – Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

  1. It was right time, right place. I was hurrying up to catch the bus in Queen Street to go home (and luckily had one of 2 cameras in my hand) and saw this shaft of light (from in between a couple of office buildings?) hit the previous shopper and with no time to think, I raised my Sony ‘mirrorless’ and pressed the shutter button. Twice. This was the second shot.

    And then the light changed.

    Luckily I still had the camera on the Intelligent Auto setting (from a previous street shot) and it pretty much captured the light striking her head and shopping bag. The reflection on the left was a shop window and I must have been at just the right angle to get a replica of the light around her head & bag.

    There was no time to change the camera settings, or line up another shot. No time to think. Just shoot.


  2. Thank you, Terry. Kind of you to say so.

    Taking my shopping trolley everywhere means I can stop and bring the Sony a6000 up to my eye pretty quickly when I see a potential good shot. The Canon DSLR and short 17-50mm lens is always in my shopping trolley for other types of images when I have time to change settings or use manual mode.

    I have been going through the city to my doctor, specialists & imaging place a lot in recent months, so it’s alway worth allowing an extra hour or so in the city before or after an appointment, except when its raining. I can’t do the aimless walking around for several hours like I used to though. Photography seems to be second on my priority list these days. For the previous 5-6 years it was top of my list when outdoors.

    Also now, I’m taking 5-50 photos in an afternoon. Years ago I used to take 400-500 in an afternoon.

    I even walked to the hardware store WITHOUT a camera today πŸ™‚

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  3. Thanks Peggy. Right time, right place with the shaft of sunlight on each shopper as they walked through the ‘spotlight’, The ‘spotlight’ was only about 2 foot square (if that). The reflection in the shop window was a bonus.

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  4. This is a fantastic shot Vicki ~ I could see myself sitting down at this corner playing with the reflections for quite some time πŸ™‚ Although the lighting here is what makes this shot. Perfect timing of the sun and subject, beautiful.

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  5. Thanks Timo.
    I really like this one myself.
    One of those shots when you only have seconds to catch the small spot of light as the shopper walks into it.


  6. Thanks Randall. Not sure you’d get a lot of reflection unless the light was right as its a very narrow one-way laneway. I have to say this was a really lucky shot as I had my camera in my hand and the settings just right for the lighting conditions. The Sony a6000 does extremes of contrast/light really well on Intelligent Auto.


  7. Thank you Lynn.
    I often wonder if I will see that shaft of light again some time – it was magical (in being such a tiny spotlight).


  8. Thank you Jane.
    I had to wait for each shopper to walk into that shaft of light. It was so small. I only had time for 3 shots and the 3rd shot was this one I’ve uploaded.

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