12 thoughts on “THE EIGHTH FLOWER – Peace Lily

  1. Not so good these days, Mike. Thank you for asking.
    Severe pain & headaches are keeping me mostly housebound and I’ve had to cut down computer work a lot.

    Obviously, not much photography happening either 🙂


  2. Thank you, Don.
    Plenty of contrast with the morning light shining on to it (next to my desk) – I couldn’t resist a shot or two.


  3. Having chronic pain for 39 years helps. I’m used to spending hours watching the birdlife on my apartment balcony over much of the last 10-12 month. I’m incredibly lucky to have had a computer crash over Easter which wiped out about 5000 images which wouldn’t migrate across to the new iMac and wasted about 3 months.

    I’m now resigned to having lost some of my best B & W AND colour bird shots, especially 2016 images. I’m also lucky to have had deteriorating health over many years so I’ve gradually got used to doing nothing much, but the lack of nature walks has been a real loss. Walking slowly and doing photography was about the only thing which really distracted me from the severe pain.

    But life is what it is and when you can’t change it, you learn to live your life Mindfully each day, appreciating the simple things that other folk overlook in their busyness and addiction to modern technology and the ‘rat race’.


  4. I love this image, too, very much! I love b&w, and in this image it enhances the texture, details, mood. It’s simply peaceful and beautiful. I believe we need more of that in our lives. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images! Hope all is well.

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  5. Hi, Vicki. I am new to your blogs and am sorry to learn of your fight with Fibromyalgia’s pain and the other challenges to your health. I do love however that you have taken photography as a balm and continue to find ways to enjoy life despite the roadblocks you face. My wife has been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis for over 40 years and it has caused her to make adjustments. Fortunately for her she is still able to function fairly well and does not suffer the pain or discomfort that you deal with on a daily basis. I admire your attitude toward dealing with what life deals you.
    Peace lilies are lovely flowers and you have done this one justice with your monochrome treatment.


  6. Thanks Steve.

    If your wife has MS you would know some of the challenges. The various symptoms of FM & CFS often mimic early MS. I remember my Mother being hospitalised 40 years ago for MS testing and in hindsight, I believe she had Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and there may be a genetic link.

    I’ve had 8 great years with Photography, especially when I lived on the south-east side of the city, but the wear and tear on my R hip kneeling, leaning low to photograph flowers, in particular, has resulted in severe osteoarthritis in my R hip – a wear & tear type issue – not an old age degeneration, so now I’m mainly home-based. Nerve damage from 2 lumbar spine surgeries and other ortho. injuries are taking their toll too.

    Still, lots of fun when I do get a chance to do any photography.

    Glad to hear your wife is still able to function well after so many years. Sounds positive on that current situation.

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  7. Thanks. She is a very positive person and never has been depressed, as far as I am aware, about it but just presses forward and makes the best of each day. I am sorry that you are housebound for the most part but hope those times when you can get out and enjoy nature and photography happen more often.

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