22 thoughts on “LAST LIGHT – #53

  1. Dear Vicki I haven’t checked out you blog for a while. Last time you said how much effort it was taking you to write so I stopped looking. But it is nice you are back again. I have moved from Melbourne to Ballarat and it was quite a wrench and took up a bit of my time but I will keep an eye out for you from now on.

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  2. I have cut down blogging and writing dramatically, John. I have cut down the blogs I follow substantially too. I can’t read much any more.
    Not surprised you’ve gone back to Ballarat. The city is no fun with all the changed roads and heavy construction work these days. Took me 3 buses and 2 hours to get home from Carlton a couple of months ago, despite it being only about 20 minutes away ‘as the crow flies’.
    I’m more housebound now too, so don’t get outdoors to do much photography any more.

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  3. Thank you, Michael.
    This Last Light Project is coming to an end now that summer is over.

    Since I notice you’re a flower photographer you might enjoy this particular post https://vickialfordnatureblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/12/flower-photography/ in the archives of my nature blog.

    My Nature blog is more in the form of a diary about what’s happening each week OR even…………… some of the sky colours in the archives of my Sunset, Sunrise blog (link at the top of the page). You’d need to click on March 2017 archives to find all the old sunset images I posted from 2010-1016 which I uploaded all in one hit when I decided to set the blog up in March 2017.

    I don’t get outdoors for much bird or flower photography these days due to severe spine and hip pain.


  4. You’re right Tanja. I’ve seen a few unusual shapes and effects in this Last Light personal project. Some images have been quite funny, but not worth posting.

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  5. Thank you, Vicki. Some really stunning images there. Quality and quantity in abundance. I am very sorry to learn about your physical condition, but it is obvious that your spiritual condition is amazing, as is your eye.

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  6. Great framing on this shot, Vicki ~ you’ve made the black almost a vanta-black feeling with the contrast to the left part of the shot. Very cool. And yes, I saw the face too 🙂

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  7. This is a beautiful captured. I like the two styles you have captured the plant by. The shadows is elusive and smooth, while the silhouette of it is distinct and sharp. And of course, the bit of light on the pot, is what makes it all come together.

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  8. Thank you, Otto.
    I don’t think I’d bother to keep, or share the image online, without that tiny bit of light on the pot. It seemed to give your eye something to focus on.

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  9. Thanks for your comment, Alina 🙂

    (it’s the edge of a pottery dish and one of those quick shots that I captured as the beam of light moved across the room. Now summer’s over and I don’t pull the block-out blinds down on hot afternoons, the Last Light project has finished for the season).

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  10. Thanks Don,

    (I had to look the meaning of those 2 words up – never heard them before – despite studying art, design, fashion and the history of each). Yes, I love those strong contrasts too as you’ve seen already.


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