I noticed a couple of previously unseen Buskers in the main shopping mall yesterday, which, like many other musicians busking, were a joy to hear. Most of the singers or musicians in this main street give a professional level of entertainment.

In general, I rarely go into the Melbourne City’s CBD (central business district) any more as it’s so crowded in the main Bourke Street pedestrian only shopping mall and I find my senses overwhelmed.

My MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) is super-sensitive to perfumes, chemicals, loud sounds and bright lights.

Yesterday’s visit to my favourite hairdresser, who can tame my wayward hair into some resemblance of style, and my regular Dental appointment (next Wednesday) are about the only reasons for a visit.

Yesterday was hot and airless in the crowd, but one can never predict the weather in Melbourne (when you make appointments the previous week).

17 thoughts on “CITY LIVING

  1. Unfortunately I arrived in the city in the worker’s lunch hour and with school summer holidays added into the mix, it really was not the place for me, RR.


  2. I did find them totally overwhelming and walked up the hill towards the bus stop for the homeward journey, but once out of that crowd I was ok and made some lovely shots of architectural details. Just deciding whether to go back next Wednesday and try for some better compositions (or just post them). Can’t say I’m that experienced in Architectural Photography, so I might have another try.

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  3. Extreme crowds equals a great deal of interesting things to discover on your photographs, smiles, expressions, etc. Thank you for posting and good luck next week also!

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  4. Those sidewalks are really crowded, like New York. I didn’t know Melbourne was that crowded. Ack! I’m glad you are able to see photographic opportunities rather than just overwhelm.

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  5. Ugh, I wouldn’t last an hour in this crowd. The energy and noise would overwhelm. The older I get, the more agoraphobic I become. 😉 Bless you for withstanding it!


  6. I rarely go into the city centre these days (except for dentist, hairdresser & Doctor) now I live further away. The last couple of trips left me with such a bad headache and sore throat from all the cigarettes & perfumes. When I lived on the south side of the city up until 3 years ago, it was an easy walk via the Royal Botanic Gardens or along the river walking track. I’m afraid the crowds are overwhelming no matter what time of day now.


  7. Unfortunately, now I’m retired (prematurely) from the work force due to serious chronic ill health, I am forced to stay close to doctors, hospitals etc Eliza, so no hope of country living independently.


  8. I’m not a fan of large crowds these days, Otto, but always worth a few shots if I do have to go into the city centre for an appointment. I much prefer the fresh air in my local area.

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