22 thoughts on “AUTUMN LIGHT

  1. The sunlight was gorgeous while I was sitting outside the library late yesterday, Peggy. You know that kind that looks like a spotlight has been turned on.

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  2. Thanks John. If you’re photographing Autumn Leaves, it helps to get some shafts of sunlight shining through them, especially in black and white.


  3. Thank you Terry. I should put the colour version on my nature blog as it was really quite pretty.

    Actually, for only about the second time, I made many shots of the Autumn Leaves with the camera set on the Black & White picture style the other day. I’ve decided that now I can’t do much walking – (at all at the moment actually), I’ll try and explore some more nature shots in Black & White. It’s actually hard to see in B & W as I’m so used to colour photography on my nature blog.

    I’d taxied over to meet my Brother and his wife over their side of the city and had an hour to kill, so sat in the sun outside their local library watching the wind toss the Autumn leaves around. Such a restful and enjoyable hour I must say. Had a few family dramas, so haven’t had a chance to get to a new doctor to sort out this exacerbated knee and sciatic pain etc. Just resting with my leg up, mostly at home, or watering the garden. We’ve been having gorgeous Autumn weather in Melbourne recently.


  4. Thanks Mrs N.
    Great light in the Autumn sunshine at the moment. Much better than the harsh Summer light in Australia. I was just thinking those old cottages and architecture in your area might make some interesting black and white images (if you can capture enough contrast). Hope the weather is good on your side of the world, especially for this year’s garden before you move.

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  5. It all disappeared when the sun dropped behind some buildings, despite it being only about 4.00pm. I was lucky to enjoy about an hour of sitting in the sun and watching the sun move across the sky and lengthening shadows on the ground as well as brilliant light behind this large tree. Just goes to show, a camera near to hand is always worthwhile


  6. Hi Victoria,

    A very nice picture of the leaves. I came to WordPress after a long time just to tell you that I am in Melbourne. I went around for a short walk in the neighbourhood yesterday evening around sunset and clicked a lot of autumn pictures. I know that you live in Melbourne too, and wanted to let you know that I arrived here on Sunday morning. Hope you are doing well. I hope that we can meet sometime.

    Nandini (from the Himalayas). 😉

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  7. Lovely to hear from you Nandini and I hope you enjoy Melbourne. I have moved apartments twice since we last spoke and am now living further away from Melbourne in the Western suburbs. Are you in Melbourne for very long? I am pretty much housebound with severe sciatic and knee pain these days and rarely go into the city and haven’t been to the Royal Botanic Gardens for about 3 years now. Very hard to get to now with all the new underground rail tunnel and altered road and bus conditions around the Gardens.
    The Botanic Gardens are sure to have lots of beautiful Autumn colour at this time as the trees are mainly non-indigenous species – mainly from England.

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  8. Sounds wonderful, Nandini, hope you’ve bought a wide selection of seasonal clothes – our weather is totally unpredictable.

    I have to admit, staying home all day is getting downright frustrating and sometimes, even boring, as its hard to settle down to anything much, after all those years of walking and photography. At least I’ve got plenty of images in my archives to fill my nature blog. In one way, I’d go through a 3rd lot of lower back surgery just to remove this sciatic pain. On the other hand, the weeks recovering weren’t much fun in 2008 & 2015, so I’m putting up with the pain (for the time being anyway).

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  9. Yes, I have. If not, I would have to buy them here.

    Oh, so it is tough choice then between the surgery and pain. Hmmm, I hope you can make the choice soon and that you get well soon. Hugs, Victoria.

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  10. Thanks Otto.
    Pretty much a straight conversion to B & W for this shot. The sun was still on the tree, but the other side of the street had fallen into shadow (hence the grey background).

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