LUNCH TIME – Melbourne Laneway



I’m a big fan of mirror images or reflections.

The lady in these photos made an interesting reflection in the shop window, but its the colours that help make the image(s) successful, (so not a good shot to convert to B & W, which would have been too busy).

I’m sure you’ll agree.

Another photo made in the same spot last year may be seen here.

NOTE: As always, if you see yourself in any of the images on my blog and are not comfortable with it being shared publicly, please don’t hesitate to contact me and it will be withdrawn.  But I hope you don’t, as Street Photography is a fascinating subject for Photography and an insight into how we live in the 21st Century.


I noticed a couple of previously unseen Buskers in the main shopping mall yesterday, which, like many other musicians busking, were a joy to hear. Most of the singers or musicians in this main street give a professional level of entertainment.

In general, I rarely go into the Melbourne City’s CBD (central business district) any more as it’s so crowded in the main Bourke Street pedestrian only shopping mall and I find my senses overwhelmed.

My MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) is super-sensitive to perfumes, chemicals, loud sounds and bright lights.

Yesterday’s visit to my favourite hairdresser, who can tame my wayward hair into some resemblance of style, and my regular Dental appointment (next Wednesday) are about the only reasons for a visit.

Yesterday was hot and airless in the crowd, but one can never predict the weather in Melbourne (when you make appointments the previous week).