1. Thanks for your comment.
      Actually, I didn’t do any effects. This is just a colour image converted to black & white. The ‘effect’ is merely the late afternoon sun reflecting on the water surface and grass reeds. This post here on my Nature Blog shares the same scene (in portrait size), of the same area, in colour. It’s a great time of day to do photography in this area near my home.

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  1. Love this shot VIvki, the B&W is incredible ~ more mysterious than the green. Just the other day I was commenting on a series of photos by Tina Schell, telling her how much I love water…but really have never seen or shot a wetland or swamp land. They are fascinating places.

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    1. Thanks Randall. I only have tiny ‘wetlands’ near my urban home, but it was shooting straight into the bright afternoon winter light which gave me the image in this post. I aught to try it again some time.


    1. To be honest, I thought it looked good either way. That’s not always the case. I usually prefer colour OR B/W, but on this occasion, both are different (but the same) if you know what I mean 🙂

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    1. Thanks Ileana.
      I’d like to do some more nature B & W (or conversions).
      The area depicted in the this image is just magical at about 4.30pm when the sun starts to sink behind the overlying cliff in this area. I wish there was a public bench to sit on to watch this pond at the end of the afternoon.


    1. Thanks Gunta.
      Not much happening on my B & W blog at the moment. You might prefer to read my nature blog (link at the top of the page) 🙂
      (Hope the air is much clearer today and the bush fires have calmed down).


      1. Oh dear, so that makes me feel doubly lost. I suspect I’d like the nature blog sounds more to my liking since I’m not a huge fan of black and white. World without color just doesn’t do it for me.
        The air is back to being filled with smoke. It spreads by thousands of acres per day. Out level of smoke depends on which way the wind blows. Yesterday was truly nice. BTW it’s not a brush fire…. it’s miles and miles of forest with huge conifers for the most part.

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    2. We tend to call all country/mountain fires ‘bush fires’ whereas I think you call some of yours ‘wild fires’. I really hope they die down soon, Gunta. Terry over at montucky.wordpress.com said many of these massive fires burn until the first snow falls. My Nature Blog (which is more a diary style of ……where I walk and what I see in nature, or even on my apartment balcony where I watch the bird life https://vickialfordnatureblog.wordpress.com
      I now live about 100 feet from a nature reserve and several parks and a river, although the nature reserve is overgrown and almost impossible to walk through.


      1. … è la Luce che distingue un fotografo da un altro, e se ben usata, la luce fa la sua bella differenza. In questa foto, nelle pozzanghere è lievemente sovraesposta acqua, la si può dosare durante la stampa.

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