23 thoughts on “PATH TO NOWHERE

  1. I have to admit the titles of my posts just pop out of my brain without any thought. I like your interpretation of my image. I’ll try and remember it in future.

    Whenever I think of the France I’ve visited several times in the mid to late 1970s, I always think of Carcassonne . It was the first time I had eaten frogs legs and I vividly remember walking down narrow lanes by old stone buildings. Great place for photography.


  2. Thanks Otto.
    I’ve fiddled with the contrast on this shot on and off for (literally) years.

    As an aside, have you ever noticed how different your images appear between your photo library and your blog? Don’t know whether its the smaller size on our blogs or what. This is one such image (above).


  3. Thanks Otto.
    I’ve taken a note of your suggestion. I’ll see if that helps.
    The image in this post looks very effective at drawing your eye into the frame on my Dell high resolution 27″ screen, but seems to lose something on my blog (which is why I’ve been fiddling with the contrast on/off).

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  4. An intriguing photo – rather like ones of doorways. Where will it lead? (Did you follow it?)


  5. The path looks like it ends in that clump of bushes, but it wandered around various trees along the cliff edge and eventually led to the carpark (high above the beach.

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