8 thoughts on “END OF THE CORRIDOR

  1. I wondered for a while about that fire extinguisher on the left but you are right to leave it in the shot as it makes the eye appreciate the walls and ceiling and gradually make your way to the end of the corridor. I would also love it cropped further in and without the second extinguisher at the end making an abstract image about light and shadow.

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  2. You do capture the depressing sight of so many places I’ve been, from hotel to office to apartment buildings. Not sure how you might make such a utilitarian space more pleasing. Great concept, Vicki.

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  3. Thanks Gunta.
    Yes, apartment building corridors can be very depressing in these large multi floor buildings, but once you step into the apartment, it can be anything your heart desires, especially when it’s got floor-to-ceiling windows across one whole wall and faces out onto an amazing green space 🙂

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  4. Thanks for your comment, Otto.

    I have to admit its not easy to make photos of ordinary indoor scenes, but I like what I ended up with on this one.

    It turned out much better than the corridor shot I made of my previous apartment block on the other side of the city. It didn’t have enough tonal range at all and turned out too ‘flat’.

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