The Royal Arcade, Melbourne, the day before Lockdown (112 days) ended 28th October 2020.

Hairdressers and the 5km from home restrictions ended the week before, hence me being in the city centre for a haircut.   I was surprised to see a few people around, but only had a couple of minutes to take a photo before they moved on…….. and I was due for my appointment.


  1. Yes, I heard you were entering another lockdown in Germany. Shame the first one was lifted in some ways. Unless your country (and others with severe second waves), can isolate folk and stop community transmission, I’m not sure how effective a partial lockdown will be.

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  2. I had to smile. Of all the things I’ve heard people rejoice over when they can get out and about again, the hair appointment’s near the top of the list — for men as well as women. I’m glad you had the chance to indulge, and I very much like the photo.

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  3. 🙂
    I could have cut it myself if I didn’t have torn ligaments in my shoulders (which still hurt when I reach up, down or across my chest – my shoulders should be better by now).

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