1. Thanks Peggy.
    (at least I didn’t have to have another COVID test and isolation for the next few days – the health department has reversed that law for all surgery patients just this week. Just heard the Premier say we’ve been COVID free for 28 days πŸ™‚ )

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  2. Thank you Randall. It’s a favourite photo due to the light reflecting off the book page on her face.

    Just finishing dinner in the Rhabilitation Unit after my Hip Replacement surgery, trying rather vainly to use this tiny Mac Air touch pad (instead of the large 27″ iMac and ergonomic set-up at home. Not easy to press the right keys on such a small touch pad.

    Have no idea what’s happening in the rest of the world (which is probably a good thing LOL). πŸ˜€

    I just saw a news clip on TV that DT is still in denial.


  3. Wishing you a quick recovery, Vicki. It is amazing how advanced replacement surgeries have become. And lucky for you to be out of touch with the world right now, still the same ole chaos πŸ™‚

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  4. Hi Vicki! Great capture indeed! Although I am black and white fan myself, in this particular case I’d be very interested to see a colour version as a comparison (because of the plants and the clothes). Or did you shoot straight away in b/w?

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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  5. Thanks Timo.
    I’ll give you the colour version when I get home next week. I can’t work out how to do some things on a laptop (that I do on my iMac & keyboard). I always use a large keyboard and mouse, not a touch pad. This 11″ Mac Air was never intended to work on, only for emergency use in hospital and rent/bill paying.
    I always shoot in colour jpeg. Since I don’t do much photo editing, only the preset tweaks, and used to take hundreds of images in one day, there’s nothing to be gained by wasting memory card space with RAW,
    I download from the memory card, and then wipe the memory card clean for the next day.

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  6. Vicki, I’ve been trying to find you to send you the instructions for the classic editor, but you don’t have your new blog linked to your name, and your comment’s disappeared from my timeline. I saw you just left a ‘like’ at Lagniappe, but that doesn’t link to a live blog, either. Drop your proper blog URL here, and I’ll bring you the information!

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  7. Here’s the link to the comments on that post, Linda. When I click on my gravatar it definitely brings me to the gravatar page showing links to both current blogs, including the new blog of course. Not sure why you’re not getting through.


    I’ve had a lot of trouble in the past few days clicking on common online shopping websites (and my friends Facebook pages) and wondered if there was a glitch on the internet?

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  8. Me too, Selina.
    When I lived on the south-east side of the city (6 years ago) I would often take a book over to the Botanic Gardens on a hot summer day and sit in the (shaded) herb garden for a few hours. The sound of the birds and fountains in the various lakes were very peaceful and de-stressing.


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