SATURDAY………….Hot Again !


It’s supposed to be Autumn here in Melbourne, but today was hot again.

I stayed indoors for a lazy relaxing day.


The Story goes something like this….

It was 3.33pm.


I had finished my coffee some time ago and now, I put down my book.

It was mid afternoon and I figured I may as well do the laundry.

I stripped the bed and put on the first load of washing.

Then sat down in the armchair and put my feet up (with my cameras by my side).

I looked around for something to shoot.

The bedroom door looked like a possibility.

I closed one eye.

I opened my eye and closed the other one.

I took my feet off the ottoman and put the tray back on the fabric surface.  I even tried the empty mug upside down (for a change).



Not quite my vision.


Too boring!


Hmmmmmmm.  Wrong angle (and I didn’t like the edge of the ottoman cutting the background)!

The hot sun had rolled over my apartment building, crept slowly across my balcony floor and started to shine through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

I got up to pull down the block-out blinds.

And then as I sat down again, I saw it.  The crack between the blinds hit the cup and tray giving my favourite style of low light photography.

Absolutely perfect!

The vision I had in mind.

As I’d got my shot for the day, I put the 2 len’s caps on and  grabbed the TV/Dvd remote control.

Turned the DVD on,

……….and settled back to watch a DVD from the local Library.  Hopefully I’d learn something new as I’ve been totally uninspired with my photography efforts lately.

It was definitely inspiring and gave me some new ideas for scenes to shoot and settings to try next time I went to the city centre.

I played it all again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hopefully, as I have to go through the city to an appointment on Monday and in to the city centre for a haircut on Tuesday, I’ll have something new to share next week.

But don’t hold your breathe waiting……





I’ve photographed this collection of old pharmacy bottles in a city arcade many times over the last 4 years.

It’s always a challenge that I enjoy.  This display is in a small window box and has a mirrored back, mirrored sides & mirrored ceiling (of the box).  The challenge is to photograph the bottles in a pleasing composition without your face/hands/camera showing in one of the mirrors.

It’s not as easy as it looks!


A TALE OF TWO CANS – Part 3 – The final Image?


I shot in Monotone nearly all afternoon, yesterday.

There were 6-7 exceptions, and ultimately, I think I prefer the ‘Two Can‘ series in colour.  I rarely shoot in B & W, preferring to have the choice of conversion in post processing when I can review the day’s shooting on the large 27″ screen, but forced myself to shoot in B & W yesterday using both my regular 18-200mm lens and my 50mm f1.4 lens.

Ultimately, I couldn’t decide which shot I liked best in this series.  You can choose………..colour (in this post)…………OR, the B & W of the previous posts.

I do like the first shot in this post which had the temperature AND contrast increased slightly.  I quite like the 3rd image in that the focus on the green can looks slightly sharper.  I could play around tweaking the settings and exposure for hours in the Mac’s iPhoto editing software, as I like seeing how the mood changes within a scene with slight adjustments.  But I haven’t the time or inclination to spend so much time sitting in front of a computer.  I used to do it in 2010 & 2011 when I first bought a camera and took up Photography as a hobby, but my health, eyesight and lifestyle have changed a little and sitting for hours on end is not helpful when you have chronic back pain.  (Note: the 3rd and 4th images have the shadow of a person walking past which reflected as dark shapes in the puddle of water.)

IMG_9845 IMG_9846 IMG_9847 IMG_9848 IMG_9853