12 thoughts on “PEELING PAPER

  1. Thank you Otto. I’m not familiar with Edward Weston’s style but the name rings a bell. I think he might be on my list to look up on the internet.
    PS. Just checked him out and I realise I have checked out his work after all. He inspired me to do a series on the inside of a Capsicum (Pepper). Love his work. My memory is short-term at best.

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  2. Nice to see activity here again, Vicki…I haven’t been paying attention and didn’t realize there were posts here that I was missing. I really like your black & white work. Rich tones and interesting subjects. {the only thing I miss is the “Like” button as I would like to affirm your work but don’t always have a comment 🙂 }


  3. Thanks for commenting, Mic.
    I didn’t actually realise the LIKE button wasn’t turned on, so thanks for letting me know. This B & W blog is more about a stand alone image (with no writing) and not necessarily looking for comments or likes, just sharing my photography.
    I’ll check the settings.

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  4. By the way, my Nature blog is more of a daily/weekly diary and I interact with the many followers and commenters, so if you’re interested you can view or link at the top of this blog.


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