STREET ARTISTS – Union Lane, Melbourne


16 thoughts on “STREET ARTISTS – Union Lane, Melbourne

  1. That laneway is like one giant canvas and the art changes as often as the shoppers, viewers and artists walk down the lane. It’s getting a bit messy these days though. Some of the great art works have been spoilt.


  2. Thank you, Otto.
    I rarely see street artists at work these days as I’m more likely to go into the city centre during the week, not on weekends (when they might be at work during daylight hours).

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  3. There are times when I think street art may be the purest out there, in terms of looking into the hearts of the city’s people. They tell a story with such freedom, and your photo captures this well. Enjoy the week ahead, Vicki ~ cheers!

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  4. I agree with you, Randall.
    I love Black and White street photography, but with more and more privacy laws in Australia, I think we’re languishing in a rapidly fading genre.


  5. In winter, when I used to roam the city streets and laneways at the weekends some years ago, I used to see lots of Graffiti artists at work, but then they seemed to disappear. Don’t know whether they moved on (to other cities or towns) OR just work secretly at night or something like that.


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