1. Hi Vicki I have been off the radar due to being in hospital for nearly 3 weeks with acute mycoplasma pneumoniae. Dr thought it was cancér so i am relieved. Hope you aŕe well. Love Julie

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    1. So sorry to hear you’ve been in hospital and so debilitated, Julie. Hope you are on the mend now. Sending lots of love and wishes for your good health. Vicki xx


    1. Lovely Autumn weather we’re having at the moment, David. I’ll be going through the city again today (Dr’s appmnt.) so might do a bit of strolling in the sunshine of my own).


    1. Thanks Otto.
      I rarely go in to the city centre these days, but the bright Autumn sun lower in the sky makes for lots of shadows and i did take this photo specifically to include them.

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