MELBOURNE’S OLD GPO (General Post Office)

Melbourne’s old GPO exterior facade and colonnade houses a couple of coffee shops and is one of the city’s most photographed buildings.

Normally I convert my architectural and street photography images to B & W, but on this occasion, I prefer the original colour version.

The brilliant Autumn sunlight was distracting at the end of the space, so I was quite glad when some figures blocked the light.


20 thoughts on “MELBOURNE’S OLD GPO (General Post Office)

  1. On the WP Reader page it had trimmed the image to just the top half….. I thought it was a Cathedral we were going to see!!. Must be a fabulous old building. We just don’t create public ‘utility services’ buildings to look attractive anymore, has to be purely functional cost effective (Cheap!). Who cares, well I do as we will not be leaving behind a rich legacy of buildings which we must so enjoy, as they are very regular features on these blogs. OK we do build the Iconic piece of architecture that will make statements in years to come but not in our everyday lives πŸ™‚

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  2. This exterior area of the old GPO building reminds me of my travels in Italy, Otto, so I always stop to take it in on the rare times I’m in the city. Each time I take a photo and it’s slightly different, but the same, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

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  3. What a shame the Reader page chopped it off, David. It IS a fabulous building and I’m always inspired by its architectural details.

    Melbourne’s extraordinary mix of architectural styles was remarked upon by an English tourist I overheard telling her friend one day and it’s true. The city showcases some of the charm of the first settlement in the 1830s as well as some of the city’s marvellous modern architecture.

    The only part I don’t like is the northern end which is now filled with high rise apartment accommodation for students at the colleges and universities in the area. They’re just that little bit too high to blend in (for my taste).

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  4. Thank you Don. I think I photograph this building nearly every time I go to the city centre – I just love those stunning arches. It was encased with scaffolding on the exterior last time, so I’ll be interested to see whether they just cleaned the stonework or some actual restoration.


  5. Has to be one of the most photographed old buildings in Melbourne, Jane. I must have about dozen images and they’re all different πŸ™‚

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  6. Reminds me of a building in Rome or something, Lynn. Unfortunately the interior of the Old Post Office is a modern clothing store, but being Heritage Listed, the walls, columns and ceiling have been retained and just as beautiful as this exterior.


  7. Oh, that’s disappointing about the retail environment, I was thinking it was still a post office. But you’re right, the important thing is that it’s listed, and safe.

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