SEAGULL FEEDING FRENZY AT THE FISH MARKET (Queen Victoria Market, North Melbourne)

I was up the north end of Melbourne yesterday and despite a couple of heavy packages to carry,  decided to drop in to the rear of the Fish Market to make some photos of the daily feeding frenzy.  This is the 3rd time I’ve walked around this small back alley at market closing time.  I’ve always had a fascination with the Seagulls down at the local beach and pier, but the Queen Victoria Market is rapidly becoming a fun way to spend half an hour watching the seagulls, (and a few pigeons), waiting for the titbits that are washed out of the plastic fish crates behind the market.

With black rain clouds hovering overhead and to the north-east of the sky, it was a little dark, so had to lighten nearly every image, but not too much, as I prefer to capture the wintry atmosphere of the day.



When I arrived at the Queen Victoria Market in North Melbourne last Saturday, I found the Market area (600 stalls – both indoor & outdoor) packing up for the day.

Apparently on Saturdays, the market closes at 3.00pm (not 4.00pm as I thought – Sunday is 4.00pm).  I had hoped to make some images of the crowded market stalls, which include fruit/veggies, a marble Art Deco Food Hall, fishmongers & meat refrigerated areas (as well as the clothing, footwear and all manner of other goods in the vast expanse of covered and uncovered market space).

So the best I could do was make a few images of the mostly deserted market, much of which looked a little dull on such an overcast day, and even more dull by the lack of bustling crowds.  There were the occasional bursts of sunshine, but the image below was made when the sun disappeared behind the cloud cover.

(I always take photos when out & about, even when the activity & location is disappointing, as in my mind, photography is all about practice, practice & more practice).  No photography means wasted opportunities.  Especially now that I’m getting into B & W photography which requires some extra work in learning to see in a different way.

At least it didn’t rain.