SATURDAY………….Hot Again !


It’s supposed to be Autumn here in Melbourne, but today was hot again.

I stayed indoors for a lazy relaxing day.


The Story goes something like this….

It was 3.33pm.


I had finished my coffee some time ago and now, I put down my book.

It was mid afternoon and I figured I may as well do the laundry.

I stripped the bed and put on the first load of washing.

Then sat down in the armchair and put my feet up (with my cameras by my side).

I looked around for something to shoot.

The bedroom door looked like a possibility.

I closed one eye.

I opened my eye and closed the other one.

I took my feet off the ottoman and put the tray back on the fabric surface.  I even tried the empty mug upside down (for a change).



Not quite my vision.


Too boring!


Hmmmmmmm.  Wrong angle (and I didn’t like the edge of the ottoman cutting the background)!

The hot sun had rolled over my apartment building, crept slowly across my balcony floor and started to shine through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

I got up to pull down the block-out blinds.

And then as I sat down again, I saw it.  The crack between the blinds hit the cup and tray giving my favourite style of low light photography.

Absolutely perfect!

The vision I had in mind.

As I’d got my shot for the day, I put the 2 len’s caps on and  grabbed the TV/Dvd remote control.

Turned the DVD on,

……….and settled back to watch a DVD from the local Library.  Hopefully I’d learn something new as I’ve been totally uninspired with my photography efforts lately.

It was definitely inspiring and gave me some new ideas for scenes to shoot and settings to try next time I went to the city centre.

I played it all again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hopefully, as I have to go through the city to an appointment on Monday and in to the city centre for a haircut on Tuesday, I’ll have something new to share next week.

But don’t hold your breathe waiting……




Further to my previous post about the Heavenly Queen Temple…..

Just around the corner of the main road near my bus stop (to go home), I was surprised to see a massive wall mural.

img_9837While the sun was in my eyes and I was standing hard against a chain wire construction fence on the other side of the road, so couldn’t get the whole mural into the frame with a 17-50mm lens, the image below give you a sense of its size.

img_9838Next to it was a lengthy mural of several pieces.

Once again, I couldn’t get it all into the frame (and the building windows reflected the construction site and an old weatherboard cottage next to where I was standing).







From the archives…..

This image of a busker in the main shopping mall area in Burke Street remains one of my favourite images to this day.

I haven’t seen him since 2010 which is the year I first took up Photography as a hobby and I often wonder……..where is he now?

This is one image which looked terrible in colour, but B & W – just perfect.





It’s rare that I can’t think of a suitable title for a blog post, but Sunday in the City (of Melbourne) left me speechless and with more than a tear in my eye.

I’d been looking forward to my first visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in about 18 months to do some bird photography.

After getting off the bus in the city centre, I walked down the main north/south street to the tram stop to find notice that there were tram disruptions and delays, so after waiting about 20 minutes, I decided to called the whole photography nature walk off and do a quick walk around the block in search of some street photography.

I had been through the new up-market shopping arcade linking Collins street to Little Collins street before and been quite amazed by the mirrored columns, ceilings and undersides of the escalators.  The whole experience is like walking through some distorted hall of mirrors at a fun fair – quite surreal and definitely a unique experience.  Many of the high-end ground floor shops are still untenanted.

The main escalator at the Collins Street entrance to the new shopping arcade
The main escalator at the Collins Street entrance to the new shopping arcade

You need real money to shop here.

The central atrium is filled with a modern ‘chandelier’ of hanging green/aqua light tubes.  Both a work of art as well as lighting.

The previous arcade was very beautiful in itself and for the life of me, I can’t think why the current mind-blowing multi-million dollar display of vulgarity, which took 2 years to create, was ever passed by Melbourne City Council (or the town planning department).

I find it offensive.  It’s a slap in the face of the homeless.  It represents the extreme waste of money that really turns my stomach.

It’s one of modern western societies contradictions……….

(note: the slide show below was mostly made by looking straight up above me, except for one photo which shows a shopper riding an escalator).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you leave this arcade and walk up to the main north/south thoroughfare linking the northern suburbs to the southern outbound highway (which runs along the west side of the Royal Botanic Gardens), you are confronted by the Bedrooms of the Homeless.  Obviously during the winter, when night temperatures can drop to the low single digits, its warmer for the homeless to shift from their summer shelters along the river to the warmer inner streets of Melbourne.

After seeing the 5th makeshift shelter, where the occupant(s) was/were still fast asleep, I saw the 6th Bedroom looming up on the footpath and decided to make a photo.

I didn’t want to invade the occupant’s privacy so made the image from some distance away.  An open umbrella was creating a wind break.  Possessions and used food containers created a fence surrounding the homeless person and at this stage I was moved to tears.

This was the Home……… of a Homeless person.

I really don’t understand the wave of new multi-million dollar high-rise apartment blocks.  Many are for the wave of Asian students who now attend our highly regarded universities at the northern end of the city) and are justified.  But there are others which are not.

With some 8,000 homeless in the inner suburbs (32,000 in the whole state) and over 88,000 empty houses, the figures just don’t add up.


Some of the homeless have mental disorders like Schizophrenia.  I see many on my bus running along my route to the city centre.  Some have addictions – drugs, alcohol, over-the-counter medications – you name it.

There are those who prefer to live in the open without the normal links to jobs, debt and modern trappings and they are homeless by choice.

Then there are the teenage runaways with the pallor of despair etched upon their gaunt young faces.  I wonder what drove them from home?  Abuse, violence or drugs?  Or just plain dysfunctional family relationships which made their home life unbearable?  Perhaps even bullying from peers?

Most are just plain……… homeless………with no jobs to pay for  affordable rental accommodation and utilities (let alone food and clothing).

……and then there are the travellers busking to make some money to advance their travel adventures.  This Buddhist traveller was playing a variety of Nepalese singing bowls and from time to time, meditated or gave blessings to the passing shoppers. (the image below was made back in February 2013).

IMG_8502 - Version 3

How does society justify multi-million dollar expenditure when a few hundred dollars would make all the difference to those living in poverty and homelessness.