1. Wonderful capture telling a story, dear Vicki! Good to be here – I wasn’t aware that you actually have three blogs. πŸ™‚ Hope you are alright, doing fine?
    Love to you from Norfolk, we are on our way to Scotland in a couple of hours. x

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  2. Thanks Dina.
    My Nature Blog is my main one at the current time and more like a diary of where I go for a walk (camera in hand) or my balcony garden and the birds that visit (it). This blog is mainly B & W and usually only used when I visit the city centre (which is further away now that I moved to the Western Suburbs 7 months ago). My Sunrise/Sunset blog is a collection of most of the dusk or sky colours captured when I lived on the north-eastern side of the city for 20 months and took photos nearly every night from my 3rd floor balcony.
    I don’t do as much photography as I used to, as my walking and bending is more limited with my spinal/neck and ankle pain/stiffness getting worse. Having trouble turning my head L & R at the moment. Awaiting the MRI results this week.


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