22 thoughts on “LUNCH TIME – Melbourne Laneway

    1. Thank you, Derrick.
      (I’m always around on my Nature Blog, but don’t go to the city centre often these days now I live further away, so not much B & W to share). I especially went in to the city 2 hours prior to my dental appointment today and then……..discovered I had the wrong camera & lens to do the Art Deco foyer shots I spotted last week.

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    1. Thanks Jane.
      I love watching people’s expressions when they’re captured unawares.

      I made one shot yesterday and all the people in the foreground were actually smiling – shame it wasn’t a got shot overall worth sharing.

      (……sometimes you can photograph a crowd of people walking down the street and not one is smiling or looks happy in life).

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    1. I’d usually walk laneways and up a lane to the bus stop in Queen Street, John, but the last two city visits (for appointments), I made the effort to walk up Burke street which I don’t think I’ve done before. Saw some new ‘scenes’ especially as it was around lunch time. I think I’ve done Degreaves St and all the street art laneways too much over recent years. Check out the beautifully restored Art Deco foyers in some of the Collins street buildings between about Elizabeth st and King st on the southern side. Gorgeous.

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    1. Thank you, Otto. I was glad I looked sideways at the right moment as I would have missed this new open-air cafe area otherwise. I made several shots, but only a couple were without people walking towards me or across the frame right in front of me. I think the sunny day helped with those extremes in light and shade and layers. This is one of the few times I’ve had to fiddle around with the mid-tones and shadows in the Mac Pro’s editing software to try and soften the over-exposed bits.

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  1. Thank you. I daresay this small laneway is very dark on a cloudy day and its only the bright sunlight on this summer’s day that made the people standing around talking visible. Many of Melbourne’s laneway cafes are like this.


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