11 thoughts on “CHAINED TO THE JOB

  1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Otto.
    Just one of those random shots when one looks up (instead of straight ahead when one is walking around the city πŸ™‚ ).

    I rarely go in to the city centre nowadays. It’s a bit further away, but have observed some wonderful old warehouse areas and amazing scenes down at Melbourne’s freight terminal while riding on the bus in to the city recently, so when I’m up to it (hurt my back moving apartments), I’ll make a point of getting off at those bus stops and make some images to share. This western side of Melbourne is so different to where I’ve always lived on the eastern side.

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  2. Perfect caption and a wonderful composition for black and white photography. Every time summer heat comes around I wonder how people cope with strenuous outdoor jobs…and some politicians want to raise their retirement age to 70!

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  3. You need a good eye and an open mind and always a camera in your hand to capture those unique moments and turn it into art like you have done, Vicky. Love this one!
    Have a great weekend. It’s raining cats and dogs in England …

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  4. Personally, I think they should leave the retirement age where it is and encourage those who pass this age to keep working if they want or have to (due to lack of retirement funds). One of my friends still works 3 days per week at the age of 72 and while she’s no longer in am executive job, she does enjoy the people contact (and stimulating environment). She could easily afford to retire but doesn’t want to.

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  5. Yes, I agree. If people need to or want to keep working they should be able to. Lifting the age at which a person needs to be in order to receive the pension is going to be cruel for some people who for example may be physically broken from strenuous outdoor work like bricklaying or roofing.

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