13 thoughts on “CAPTURE

  1. This is another lovely image Vicki. Hope you don’t mind me saying but to me your street photography is consistently stronger than your nature work…….you have a very good eye.

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  2. I don’t mind at all, Mark. Thank you for the compliment. I have to say, this particular image of this sculpture is much better than the ones I’ve made previously too. The angle, composition and emphasis on the shaded parts really has emotional impact.
    It’s a good shot to share in B & W (note: this was a conversation as I nearly always shoot in colour).

    The beach and city centre are 4-5 times as far away now, so not really places to go regularly these days, especially as I can’t walk around for hours like I used to – my feet are worn out and the old foot injury gets inflamed and swollen every long walk these days. I must admit I’m wracking my brains to think where to go to shoot for this blog (without a car), hence posting old images, not new.

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  3. PS Mark, I also think that there’s a different mindset between this blog and my nature blog (which is just a walk with my camera or sort of diary), This blog is more about actually looking for compositions that appeal to my creative eye, (than recording my walk). One blog is creative. The other blog is about nature observations.

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