TEST SHOT #2……..(with my new camera)

I think I’ve fallen in LOVE.

…….with a camera.


I went into the city centre today to buy a spare battery for my new camera.  I’ve only had the camera 3 days and I can already see that the short battery life of the Sony a6000 just won’t do for me (at all).  Roughly, it shoots about 350 jpeg images and like all new toys, I can’t stop playing with it.

I thought I’d have a tiny walk around a city block (before going to my local food market to buy some food for dinner).

That tiny walk became well over 3 hours, so there’s no fresh vegetables or fruit for dinner!

Looks like chicken & rice (again)! 😀

5 thoughts on “TEST SHOT #2……..(with my new camera)

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’re loving your new camera, other than the short battery life. Being used to the Canon PowerShot battery, which would last for months, I was shocked by how fast the Sony battery goes.

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  2. So was I, Trisha.
    I seemed to use up half just in one night’s playing around at home with the Sony.

    I ran out of battery every 2nd or 3rd walk in the early days of my Photography hobby when I was taking 500-600 shots in an afternoon. I still take 200-300 in an afternoon and would hate to run out of battery half way through an outing. It’s not as though I have a car and can quickly go back home in 20 mins either. Once I go outdoors via public transport, I usually am gone for 3-5 hours.


  3. I think you would love one of these mirrorless cameras Steve, although they do have small LCD screens which would be hard for your eyesight.


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