TEST SHOT #2……..(with my new camera)

I think I’ve fallen in LOVE.

…….with a camera.


I went into the city centre today to buy a spare battery for my new camera.  I’ve only had the camera 3 days and I can already see that the short battery life of the Sony a6000 just won’t do for me (at all).  Roughly, it shoots about 350 jpeg images and like all new toys, I can’t stop playing with it.

I thought I’d have a tiny walk around a city block (before going to my local food market to buy some food for dinner).

That tiny walk became well over 3 hours, so there’s no fresh vegetables or fruit for dinner!

Looks like chicken & rice (again)! 😀


This Busker, (or Street Artist), needed the full breathing apparatus to work on his paintings – a combination of spray paint, stanley knife, sponge and a few other tools.

After making these images, I stood behind him and watched him at work for quite some time.  He was very talented and just……..amazing.  I wondered how much his black and white masterpieces cost, but having just left my DSLR and lens at the camera store repair department, I decided it was not an affordable option to ask how much and I should just admire his talent and style from the pavement edge.

IMG_8325 IMG_8326 IMG_8327