THE EVERYDAY, THE ORDINARY (Slice of life in Federation Square, Melbourne)

I love the Everyday or Ordinary ‘slices’ of Melbourne city life, as people go about their day.  I love the sight of those people wrapped up in their thoughts or using their modern tech devices contrasting with the shared conversation of the three people in the bottom right quadrant.

You can be right in the middle of a crowd of people and feel completely alone and isolated OR you can turn to the person next to you and start an animated discussion and discover a kindred spirit.  Life is like that in Western Society.

Just as you can feel all alone in a room full of people.

Below, last ‘test’ shot of the afternoon  with the new camera and this one is straight out of the camera, no post processing or fiddling with the exposure – Bingo! I got the exposure correct in-camera.


I lived in a block of apartments 15 years ago and every evening for a few weeks an Indian Lady (visiting her daughter in Melbourne), knocked on my door to ‘take tea and chat‘.  We’d never met before and I was surprised when the 1st visit happened ‘quite out of the blue‘, as we say in Australia.  No doubt this delightful Indian lady could never imagine spending an evening alone (as I did after my workday).


(as always, if you see yourself in one of my street photos and object to its public viewing, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the email on my About page and I’ll remove it promptly).

5 thoughts on “THE EVERYDAY, THE ORDINARY (Slice of life in Federation Square, Melbourne)

  1. It’s the camera that does it, Julie. I’m always looking around me for something to photograph. The reason I went to the city on an errand is really secondary these days. In fact, more than once, I’ve spent a couple of hours walking around with the camera and forgotten something on my shopping list.


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