TEST SHOT #1 (with my new Sony a6000 camera)

This is one of the first test shots I made with my new Sony a6000 mirrorless camera (24.3 mp) in the city yesterday. Had to go into the city to get my service provider to check out my Mac Pro as my internet keeps dropping out (over the last couple of days). They thought it might be something to do with my nearest wireless tower having some ‘hiccoughs’.

I have to be honest and say this was a random shot and I’m wasn’t sure about settings at this stage of my afternoon, but doesn’t matter for this example.  Can’t remember if this was Aperture Priority or Manual Mode.  It certainly wasn’t full AUTO (as I haven’t use that setting on a camera for about 4 years).

I just zoomed in on the image this morning and can see the numbers and one of the hands on the dial of this photographer’s wrist watch. Not clearly, but I can see them on this hand-held shot of mine. My Canon DSLR (18mp) would never have been able to pick this detail up (on a hand-held shot).

I can only imagine how sharp a tripod shot might be.  I can see already that my new Sony a6000 is going to be a VERY good investment indeed.  This image was made using one of the kit lenses in the promotion pack – the E 55 – 210mm F4.5 – 6.3 telephoto.  I read a couple of reviews last week that said the ‘kit’ lenses weren’t very good, but I can only say, as an Amateur photographer,  I’m impressed (compared to my Canon EOS 600D).  The only PP I’ve done is increase the definition and lighten the shadows as the deep shade of the lane was too dark to see the photographer (compared to the bright sunlight on the model).


5 thoughts on “TEST SHOT #1 (with my new Sony a6000 camera)

  1. Hopefully I’ll have something interesting to share soon, Gary.

    Last night I finally worked out how to change the shutter speed in Manual Mode. Maybe I’m a little slow-thinking. The little dial on the back of this camera doesn’t work the way my Canon dials did. The dial turns around and can be pressed as well (in 4 spots). But it is the menu button that navigates a fair bit too. So after 3 nights of study, I think I am set to go out and do some photography. Well, at least motionless subjects. I’ll start with that. Then try the auto tracking function for moving objects like birds in flight etc.

    The focal points cover 99% of the frame in this Sony camera (I think I read somewhere that this is 179 focal points?). In the previous Sony version the focus points only covered 50% of the frame. In my old Canon I had 9 focal points.

    It’s almost like learning a new foreign language.


  2. Yes, the fun DOES begin, Terry.

    I went into the city today to buy a spare battery (lousy battery life on this mirrorless) and then proceeded to walk around taking random shots again.
    Now I’ve got nothing for dinner (as I should have gone to do the weekly food shopping) 😀

    I think I’ve fallen in love……………….with a camera !

    It’s like the first day at school and I can’t wait to get home to tell the world what fun I had.


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