18 thoughts on “RAIN SHOWER

  1. Very interesting and lovely photo. I love the horizontal lines which blur nicely with the depth of field, and how the eye falls on the hanging water droplets bringing you nicely to the tiny pools of water at the forefront.


  2. I don’t think so. I think it’s perfect just the way it is. There are always people who say that snow should be white and sky blue, and tones according to some curves, but I disagree. In my opinion there’s no need to follow any guidelines. It’s always refreshing to see photos with feeling and mood, maybe something new, rather than the same old things reproduced. In your photo, I also love the echo in the background: the drops and the bars. It’s also fascinating how the droplets have so many different sizes.

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  3. It’s one of those images that make me look twice because there is so much more in the photo than was visible in reality. The foreground (or lower third) puddles of water look like they’ve had chocolate poured on the back half of each. I’d like to do some more of this type of photography, but my creative vision is hard to find at the moment. I’ve been photographing birds and flowers for too many years, when in actual fact, I’d really like to be more creative (like I was at college 40+ years ago).


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