Some of my favourite images over recent years have been made while standing at the bus stop.

The shot below was made yesterday, (while waiting for a bus to go through the city to an appointment).  I just hope it was not as windy up at that height as it has been on ground level in Melbourne and its surrounds in recent weeks.   I’ve been mostly at home waiting for Spring to come back to Melbourne.  With September being the wettest on record, perhaps I should just ‘write-off’ Spring and wait for Summer 🙂



19 thoughts on “WASHING THE WINDOWS

  1. I agree, Tina.
    I actually photographed the window cleaner doing my 3rd floor balcony glass cleaning in the old apartment and he was rigged up exactly like a mountain climber. He was a French tourist doing some fill-in job while travelling around Australia and had muscles like steel. He was telling me he was a mountain climber in the French & Swiss Alps and mountain guide (so I imagine he was the perfect employee for this type of work).


  2. Terrific shot Vicki, and I like the thinking too. I think it’s so much more fun to just mooch about and photograph what’s there rather than hunting a particular shot down.

    Hats off to those boys on the ropes too – I couldn’t do that for a living!

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  3. Thanks Finn.
    There’s a lot of bus stops around my new apartment location, so who knows what I’ll come up with in future.


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