NOTE: I have swapped from Canon DSLRs (getting too heavy for my worsening chronic back pain) to Sony a6000 mirror less (much, much smaller and lighter) yesterday, and the ‘weird’ menu configuration is not easy to navigate, so I hope you’ll be patient while I practice.

16 thoughts on “BUSY SHOPPERS – Melbourne CBD

  1. Wow,Vicki! I am sure you will get the most from your new camera. Did you trade in all your Canon equipment? What new lenses did you get. I would think a Zeiss lens would be supertb. Looking forward to seeing more shots with tis one.

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  2. Can’t wait to go for a walk now, Mark. Yesterday I was weighed down carrying my Mac Pro (as well as shopping), so was a little awkward trying to use the new camera. Next walk I will be liberated and enjoy the pleasures of the lighter camera.

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  3. Could be a lot of learning for me, (or maybe not ?), Terry.

    It’s funny to think that it was only a few years ago that I found all the photography terminology a foreign language and now, I feel reasonably confident with a DSLR and exposure.

    The manual from the Sony box is basic. I’m having to Google a couple of questions already.

    The Sony battery life is poor and only lasts about 350 jpeg images, whereas my old Canon DSLR battery lasted about 1350 jpeg images (and I carried a spare battery anyway). Will have to buy a couple of spare batteries to always carry (charged) outdoors I think. I wasted half the battery life just fiddling around the menus and taking a dozen or so photos indoors on the first night of ownership.

    At least I haven’t got any ‘brain fog’ at the moment and can think clearly.


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