NOTE: Due to ongoing treatment for severe hip/back pain and chronic trochanteric bursitis, Walking will be minimal and Posts will be intermittent (at best).   Don’t go away though – the archives might still yield something to share in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I’m on R & R.


17 thoughts on “CENTRE PLACE, Melbourne

  1. Oh Vicki I am so sorry to hear this – bummer! I will be thinking of you and hopefully catching up on your posts I missed while I was R@Ring. xxx


  2. Thanks Julie.
    This ‘episode’ seems to be going on forever and ever and the cortisone injection 2 weeks ago only lasted 5 days (for the pain). Hip Specialist today and next injection is Friday week (deep into my hip joint) – hopefully that will help. But it’s basically a case of rest and waiting……..

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  3. Thanks for your beautiful pictures. Hope you recover soon. May the Sun shine upon your inner garden regardless of what happens outside. Best, Marcus.


  4. You are so amazing the way you carry on regardless of the pain but it seems like you now need to rest now. Sending you much love (not that it helps!) Juliexxx


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