TEST SHOT #1 (with my new Sony a6000 camera)

This is one of the first test shots I made with my new Sony a6000 mirrorless camera (24.3 mp) in the city yesterday. Had to go into the city to get my service provider to check out my Mac Pro as my internet keeps dropping out (over the last couple of days). They thought it might be something to do with my nearest wireless tower having some ‘hiccoughs’.

I have to be honest and say this was a random shot and I’m wasn’t sure about settings at this stage of my afternoon, but doesn’t matter for this example.  Can’t remember if this was Aperture Priority or Manual Mode.  It certainly wasn’t full AUTO (as I haven’t use that setting on a camera for about 4 years).

I just zoomed in on the image this morning and can see the numbers and one of the hands on the dial of this photographer’s wrist watch. Not clearly, but I can see them on this hand-held shot of mine. My Canon DSLR (18mp) would never have been able to pick this detail up (on a hand-held shot).

I can only imagine how sharp a tripod shot might be.  I can see already that my new Sony a6000 is going to be a VERY good investment indeed.  This image was made using one of the kit lenses in the promotion pack – the E 55 – 210mm F4.5 – 6.3 telephoto.  I read a couple of reviews last week that said the ‘kit’ lenses weren’t very good, but I can only say, as an Amateur photographer,  I’m impressed (compared to my Canon EOS 600D).  The only PP I’ve done is increase the definition and lighten the shadows as the deep shade of the lane was too dark to see the photographer (compared to the bright sunlight on the model).


CIGARETTE & MOBILE PHONE BREAK (no coffee in sight)


I’m always looking for people or faces to photograph (having no friends or family living close by who are willing to be ‘subjects’).

But yesterday, down a pretty dark deserted lane way in the city, I was trying to make some images of the street art on the opposite side of the lane with NO people within the frame.

This young man talking on his mobile phone constantly kept walking in triangles opting to be in the frame when I raised my DSLR to my eye – no matter what direction I pointed the camera, he walked straight into the area.

So I made a random shot of him.  The image is straight out of the camera but I figured he, finally, deserved a photo.

Photography and the Art of Seeing

I’m in the middle of reading Freeman Patterson’s book Photography and the Art of Seeing.

Freeman Patterson writes about Thinking Sideways and Breaking the Rules AND “Chance”.  “Give many happy accidents a chance to happen”.   So I did!

But it wasn’t until towards the end of this afternoon, just before I left Union Lane in the city centre to go home, that this image suddenly appeared before me and I had to share it with you.    I must admit I hit the shutter button pretty quickly and didn’t bother to check the camera settings (or where the focal points were aiming).


I wondered who the legs belonged to and why this young female was standing behind a half-closed roller door in a dark dingy freight loading bay with her teddy bear, baring a generous length of slim shapely legs.

And to give you an idea of where she was standing, here’s an image I made on Monday of the same freight delivery entrance and roller door – this time  the roller door was completely open and there were NO legs anywhere to be seen 😀


My theory………..she was making an illicit transaction………. as I could hear a faint male voice nearby.  After a few minutes the roller door went right down to the ground and I decided to head for home, none the wiser as to whom the legs belonged to.

I have a few other interesting images to share, but I’d better check them tomorrow morning in the light of day to check their exposure and contrast, as I was shooting with my 50mm f1.4 lens most of the afternoon and “broke a few rules” (as Freeman Patterson puts it).


IMG_3223 - Version 2



I think I prefer the colour version.



It’s been raining a lot in the last week or so and even a few thunderstorms.   Monday, when I made these photos, had plenty of blue sky when I went into the city centre, but today, it’s dawned overcast again.

So it’s a toss-up between going back into the city to check out the ‘puddle-life’ OR household chores and laundry?

Hmmmmm………decisions, decisions.


I never finished sharing the images I made in the city a week ago.  I’d gone to the northern end to find some new street art and unexplored back lanes.  While I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for in terms of unusual subject matter, I still made some photos as I walked around.

Not sure what I’m looking for.

I’ll let you know when I’ve found it.

IMG_0365 - Version 2