18 thoughts on “ARCHITECTURE – OLD & NEW – Southgate, Melbourne

  1. Very nice portrait of Melbourne. The black and white rendering works perfect for these images, of which I particularly like the first one. It has such a dynamic and fluid composition.


  2. Thank you Dina.
    (I realised that I missed a couple of your posts this afternoon….. so have now caught up. Loved the Art Nouveau).


  3. Thank you Otto. Haven’t made many architectural images over the last 4 years and now I’m trying out more B & W, it’s a good opportunity to try out some lines and angles. Dusk is the perfect time along the river – lot’s of sun light catching the sides of the office buildings and dark shadows to make for strong contrast. Much better to practice in this open location than in the inner city streets that fall into deep shadow very quickly.


  4. I have to say Melbourne IS good, Bulldog. Not too big. But very multicultural. I wish I could photograph more people though. Melburnians don’t like strangers taking their photos. Inner Melbourne is covered in cranes and building constructions these days so if I walked around in the dark, I would be able to catch lots of interesting silhouettes. Have to admit I’m not comfortable walking around too much in the dark on my own though.

    If I could walk faster and didn’t get fatigued so easily, I suppose I could join the Melbourne Camera Club who do lots of night photography and country day trips. (I can’t do photography and talk at the same time anyway). I’ve been out with another photographer just once and we ended up talking all the time and I think I took just 3-4 lousy photos. I need to walk around at my own pace, hence I keep my hobby a solitary outing). I DO stop and chat to other photographers in the Botanic Gardens though – usually when we’re both trying to make photos of the bird life.


  5. Thank Tina. Melbourne is certainly well worth visiting (but don’t forget the unpredictable weather if you do – heat wave for days on end in summer, but then you can get a cold wintery snap in between).


  6. Ha Ha 🙂 This is what happens if I search for “Melbourne Nature Blogs.” It doesn’t help me much with Blogger but it is nice to find another of your blogs. Great photographs of the city, it is always fascinating to see another land. Thank you Vicki 🙂


  7. Hilarious Colin. I forgot that you can only connect one blog to your name and………of course, my name is connected to this new B & W Blog (as B & W was my intended focus for 2014), not my Nature Blog. My old wordpress blog at victoriaaphotography.wordpress.com has an enormous variety of subjects (including butterflies & insects) if you need a ‘time filler’ tonight or over the weekend.

    I really must make more effort to photograph some more insects – my 100mm macro lens is gathering dust (again). Not much walking & photography at the moment – my R foot & sciatic pain are reducing my activity. February is the best time in Melbourne for damselflies and dragonflies too.

    (you learn something new every day on the internet – I still haven’t worked out how to get an emoticon into a post/comment/reply).


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