7 thoughts on “STREET ART & A FEW RANDOM SHOTS – Southgate, Melbourne

  1. I have to say these are brilliant… I love the way you compose your photos and I can assure you I study them hoping to learn something I can remember for the future… I love the street art with the movement you captured with it… it brings it to life and makes it so much more than a photo or picture… brilliance Vicki… these impress the hell out of me… some of your best work as far as I’m concerned….


  2. Thanks Bulldog. Too funny. I LOVE the way you photograph birds and animals in the wild.

    I like the blur of movement as part of capturing street art (otherwise my photo is just a copy of someone’s artwork). Makes it more ‘alive’……. and more a ‘slice of life’.

    I love your comments too. I think we learn from each other to be honest.


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