The things buskers do to make a living……….

(note:  A Busker is a street artist or musician)





I’ve often photographed this Busker and his 4 dummies, but these are the first images I’ve ever made which actually had enough contrast to see the details.  Must have been the right light on this overcast winter day.

I’ve often seen the short photographer in the foreground around the city centre with his long telephoto lens, but not sure I’ve even seen him with the lens to his eye.  I wonder if he’s a freelance photojournalist?

PS.  The real person in the concrete clothes is the man in the centre at the rear of the five dummies.  In the first photo of this post, his hand giving the ‘thumbs up’ sign is visible and actually moved when I stood watching.



This Busker, (or Street Artist), needed the full breathing apparatus to work on his paintings – a combination of spray paint, stanley knife, sponge and a few other tools.

After making these images, I stood behind him and watched him at work for quite some time.  He was very talented and just……..amazing.  I wondered how much his black and white masterpieces cost, but having just left my DSLR and lens at the camera store repair department, I decided it was not an affordable option to ask how much and I should just admire his talent and style from the pavement edge.

IMG_8325 IMG_8326 IMG_8327