A TALE OF TWO CANS – Part 3 – The final Image?

I shot in Monotone nearly all afternoon, yesterday.

There were 6-7 exceptions, and ultimately, I think I prefer the ‘Two Can‘ series in colour.  I rarely shoot in B & W, preferring to have the choice of conversion in post processing when I can review the day’s shooting on the large 27″ screen, but forced myself to shoot in B & W yesterday using both my regular 18-200mm lens and my 50mm f1.4 lens.

Ultimately, I couldn’t decide which shot I liked best in this series.  You can choose………..colour (in this post)…………OR, the B & W of the previous posts.

I do like the first shot in this post which had the temperature AND contrast increased slightly.  I quite like the 3rd image in that the focus on the green can looks slightly sharper.  I could play around tweaking the settings and exposure for hours in the Mac’s iPhoto editing software, as I like seeing how the mood changes within a scene with slight adjustments.  But I haven’t the time or inclination to spend so much time sitting in front of a computer.  I used to do it in 2010 & 2011 when I first bought a camera and took up Photography as a hobby, but my health, eyesight and lifestyle have changed a little and sitting for hours on end is not helpful when you have chronic back pain.  (Note: the 3rd and 4th images have the shadow of a person walking past which reflected as dark shapes in the puddle of water.)

IMG_9845 IMG_9846 IMG_9847 IMG_9848 IMG_9853



A few more sample shots of the aerosol paint cans.

I figured I’d fix the exposure on the computer………. (preferably when the natural morning light shines across my computer screen).

Too hard for me to see on the LCD screen in the dark alley.  I tried a few shots on the AV (aperture priority) setting, but they were far too light and lost that ‘dark gloomy alley‘ atmosphere which I really wanted.

(yes, I know how to use the histogram, but I actually prefer my images to be slightly under-exposed so I’m often tweaking the contrast in PP. Most of these images are straight out of the camera).

PART 3 tomorrow morning………..hopefully………..with a good result.





As soon as I saw two aerosol paint cans lying in a puddle in the centre of the alley, I knew what I was going to photograph this afternoon.  Results to follow.

(I’m sure the tourists and other photographers wondered what I was photographing while kneeling on the wet asphalt staring so intently at the ground.  One Asian tourist came up to ask me and I showed her on the LCD screen.  Then her partner took a photo of the two of us.  Not sure what story would accompany that shot when the two tourists shared their images with family and friends when they arrived home).