I travelled via bus and train to one of the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne yesterday – to the town where I was born (literally) and lived for the first 10 years of my life.   My…… how it has changed.  The murky ‘dam’ 10 minutes walk from the railway station, set among rustic bushland and gum trees, is now a beautiful (but natural) landscaped lake from which walking trails extend.

More of that journey on my other blog (when I find time to review and/or edit my photos and upload them).   Probably next week or when the next series of cold, rainy days come across the horizon. 

Melbourne has put on her very best show of gorgeous blue sky and pleasant Autumn weather this week (and next weekend) so I’m not going to waste it blogging, or reading other blogs this morning.  I did like one of the images I made when I got off the train and walked to the bus stop (on the homeward journey).  It’s in colour because that’s the way I ‘saw’ it and liked it.  No doubt it would take some fiddling with the contrast and exposure to convert it to B & W.   It was an old shop (and upstairs accommodation?) across the road from the rail station entrance.  The first photo is the one that I particularly liked, but I thought I would share the whole building as well.  I only wish the focus had been sharper, but fatigue had set in and I couldn’t be bothered unfolding the tripod or taking too long to aim,  as I wanted to get home and relax after the journey.