Having been stuck at home with a winter virus all week, I was feeling a little desperate for some exercise and fresh air yesterday, so I rugged up with woolly scarf, gloves and coat and ventured into the city centre for a walk around Chinatown and the surrounding streets for an hour or so.   (It was a little too windy and cold for Beach or Botanic Gardens for me, especially as I haven’t got rid of this lingering cough).  The city centre was crowded as usual, but Chinatown in Little Burke Street was quiet and relatively pedestrian-free (in comparison).

Can’t say there was anything spectacular to photograph, so this series could be classed in the Mundane & Ordinary category, perhaps.

This afternoon’s rain will herald the start of a week of very chilly days and inclement weather, so I might have to scour the archives for some images to share.

Melbourne’s winter is relatively mild – even on a rainy day. But the ferocious winds can make the rain in my inner city location downright unpleasant.  I always used to say that the street next to my local corner shops (opposite the Botanic Gardens south-eastern entrance), is like a wind tunnel and HAS to be the most blustery in Melbourne.   This means ordinary rain can fly under even the sturdiest of umbrellas and soak you through (that is if the wind doesn’t blow you over and turn your umbrella inside out).  I really don’t remember these vicious winds being present in my childhood.

The weather forecast also predicts snow in Victoria’s Alps in the coming week, so at least the skiers will be happy.

Chinatown and Chinese New Year

I’m finding it harder than I thought to ‘see’ in Black and White, but I’m determined to master it.  That’s what this new blog of mine is supposed to be about – exploring Monotone (particularly in regard to street photography).  But I also hope to explore some other subjects as well.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some old B & W conversions.  If you’ve followed my old blog for some time, you may have seen these images before, but I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them again.

To me, Chinese New Year is about colour (red), noise and movement, but does it work visually in Black and White?  

Not sure.  Maybe not.  Let’s face it, Chinese New Year IS colour!

Once thing I did notice is that one has to increase the contrast and exposure to change these colour images to monotone.