DUSK IN MY NEW BACKYARD – Somewhere in Suburbia

Light was fading fast as I left the riverside walking path late this afternoon.

I took a quick short-cut through my new backyard and made a few photos along the way.

One can’t help but admire the strong architectural lines and shapes that marked my path (after the natural landscape and silhouettes that ended a nature walk along the river).  A pity it wasn’t earlier with more light,  but the nature walk was unforgettable and my Living with Nature blog will show off the highlights over the coming weekend.

_DSC2246 - Version 2

_DSC2247 - Version 2

_DSC2252 - Version 2

_DSC2253 - Version 2



I travelled via bus and train to one of the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne yesterday – to the town where I was born (literally) and lived for the first 10 years of my life.   My…… how it has changed.  The murky ‘dam’ 10 minutes walk from the railway station, set among rustic bushland and gum trees, is now a beautiful (but natural) landscaped lake from which walking trails extend.

More of that journey on my other blog vickialfordnatureblog.wordpress.com (when I find time to review and/or edit my photos and upload them).   Probably next week or when the next series of cold, rainy days come across the horizon. 

Melbourne has put on her very best show of gorgeous blue sky and pleasant Autumn weather this week (and next weekend) so I’m not going to waste it blogging, or reading other blogs this morning.  I did like one of the images I made when I got off the train and walked to the bus stop (on the homeward journey).  It’s in colour because that’s the way I ‘saw’ it and liked it.  No doubt it would take some fiddling with the contrast and exposure to convert it to B & W.   It was an old shop (and upstairs accommodation?) across the road from the rail station entrance.  The first photo is the one that I particularly liked, but I thought I would share the whole building as well.  I only wish the focus had been sharper, but fatigue had set in and I couldn’t be bothered unfolding the tripod or taking too long to aim,  as I wanted to get home and relax after the journey.



The Old Forum Theatre – an architectural gem

It was overcast, very dark and with the threat of heavy rain, I took 6-7 quick photos before my 12.30 free Meditation Session in The Atrium at Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD today.


I can’t profess to be an experienced architectural photographer, but each time I see the ornate towers and clock face of the Old Forum Theatre, I’m astonished at how well it blends in with Melbourne’s wide variety of architectural details.  So while a little dull for Black & White images due to the weather, I liked these 4 images enough to share them with you.  When I started this new blog, I wasn’t going to do any writing, just share photos, but I feel the ‘dullness’ and flat exposure needed a little explanation. For those new to my blog, I must add that I dislike photo editing, so try hard to take a reasonably exposed shot ‘in camera’ these days.  I daresay an experienced photo editor would have improved these somewhat.  (I was also going to only post once a week, or less, but there you go,  a few posts to start this new blog in quick succession gives you more than a glance at the city I love to call home).

IMG_4976 IMG_4974 IMG_4969

A few weeks ago, I overhead a British tourist express astonishment  at the remarkable array of architectural styles in Melbourne’s main shopping precinct and central business district (CBD).  This tourist was right.  I zoomed out as far as I could with my 18-200mm ‘walk about’ lens and tried to capture a line of the some of the styles.

The 5th image, (below), was shot just over a year ago, late one afternoon as the sun dropped below the skyline and only lit up one tower of the theatre.  At least there was a cloud in the sky and one shaft of bright light to add some interest to this composition.