As I’ve been mainly housebound in the last 11 months or so, I’ve been trying to think of a new B & W project to do indoors.  My small studio apartment offers few options or subjects, so I return again to an old project – “Last light” – a personal project which I hadn’t thought to share online, but maybe this year is the one (to do so).


10 thoughts on “LAST LIGHT – THE KITCHEN #17

    1. Lounge window design in my west-facing modern apartment is interesting, Peggy. I have to pull the block-out blinds down and turn air-conditioning on around 2.30pm, but there’s a line of slim 5-6″ deep windows above the block-out blinds near the ceiling, which lets in light after that. It castes a strip of light which moves across the room as the hours tick by up til dusk.

      Interesting window design and I believe some people on this side of the apartment building leave their block-out blinds down all day/every day, but I like to look at the garden and passerby in the street, so leave mine up until it gets too hot.

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    1. Low light photography has always appealed to me, Otto, so thanks for your comment.

      It’s not as easy as one thinks to make an ordinary subject within the home ‘interesting’, especially as i don’t have vases or arrangements of personal ornaments or things due to the dust in this area of the suburb I live in. So it’s a matter of choosing common everyday utensils and photographing them in a different way. It’s about the well-lit parts making a balanced composition within the frame. Fortunately, I get a beam of light that moves over the room late in the afternoon and hits various furniture etc with just a tiny section being visible that helps.

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