I’m a big fan of mirror images or reflections.

The lady in these photos made an interesting reflection in the shop window, but its the colours that help make the image(s) successful, (so not a good shot to convert to B & W, which would have been too busy).

I’m sure you’ll agree.

Another photo made in the same spot last year may be seen here.

NOTE: As always, if you see yourself in any of the images on my blog and are not comfortable with it being shared publicly, please don’t hesitate to contact me and it will be withdrawn.  But I hope you don’t, as Street Photography is a fascinating subject for Photography and an insight into how we live in the 21st Century.


14 thoughts on “WINDOW SHOPPING

    1. Thanks Timo.
      Street Photography can be hard work here – Australians don’t like to be photographed. I was trying to getting a shot of someone walking through my images in a blur outside this wonderful Art Deco building the other day and everyone kept walking behind me (thinking I was just photographing the building and they didn’t want to spoil the shot 🙂 )

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    1. Thanks Mr Dude, or should I say Funk 🙂

      I don’t do photo editing with my limited eyesight, just a tweak of the contrast or exposure perhaps. Interesting idea of yours re colour AND B & W though.

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    1. I hate shopping and shopping malls, Otto, and NEVER window shop. i hate crowds, noise and all those strong perfumes, but I especially dislike the city during the summer school holidays – it’s soooooooo crowded.

      I like my solitary walks in nature, but at least when I go into the city (e.g. dentist next Wednesday), I like to make some attempt at street photography. I no longer have the energy walking around all the city streets for hours looking for ‘scenes’ to shoot these days. My photography efforts are getting less and less and without a car, attempts to do beach or landscape photography in B & W are almost zilch. I’m living just a bit too far from all the old haunts.

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    1. No, Steve. But I would hope that no one ever does ask me to delete their image because really, street photography is all about the people going about their daily life and in many years to come, my images might just be among many that tell a tale of Melbourne ‘back in the old days of 2018’

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