This morning I received a big thrill to be notified of a Commendation in the Black & White category of the 2016 Australian Photographer of the Year.

Hi Vicki

Thank you for entering the 2016 Photographer of the Year competition.

We’re thrilled to let you know you have been Commended in the Black and White category.

You can see our winners in the February issue of Australian Photography magazine, at, and our AP Facebook page.

In 2016 we had more than 8,000 images submitted and 2,000 portfolios entered, so making the commended list is a fantastic achievement – well done!

We have attached a certificate to mark your achievement in this year’s competition.

Thank you for entering the 2016 Photographer of the Year, we hope you enjoyed the challenge.

Kind regards,

The Australian Photography team

It was only by chance that I entered and I had terrible trouble trying to decided exactly what images to enter (apart from the one below which has always been a favourite of mine and was an obvious choice).


DSC00943 - Version 2


Just goes to show……You’ll never ever know, unless you take the time to Have a Go.




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