Since I rarely go into the city since moving to the western suburbs of Melbourne 4 months ago, this blog will change in subject matter/style.

Not sure where its going, but hopefully I’ll wake up one morning and find some inspiration.

Simple subjects will probably take over from (mostly) street photography.


13 thoughts on “BOIL KETTLE, BOIL

  1. I like the idea of photographing what’s around you and this is a good example of an everyday object which works well as a photograph. Look forward to seeing more. Have a look at the work of Joseph Sudek who came up with some wonderful images o this own home.

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  2. Thanks Bun.
    I think the Kettle shot was a fluke, but I’m keen to try some more. I love the muddy, graininess of this shot, but not quite sure how I got it 🙂

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  3. I love this. It reminds me of an old film printing process (don’t remember the name). Abstraction of the ordinary is great for getting into the creative zone. I think there’s more of a challenge in photographing the ordinary and making it interesting – which you’ve definitely done her. I was very interested in the dentist stairwell photos on another post. My favourites were the abstract image (and of course the one looking straight down.
    If you are interested, I was once stuck at home and challenged myself to come up with some creative photos for a blog post –
    By the way my other site is
    Just thought I’d give you the link as you’ve shown some interest which is very gratifying.Thanks.


  4. I think this image was more of a fluke than anything, Miles. But it turned out better than I hoped and certainly with tones and graininess that I’d like to try again.
    I am often stuck at home and end up posting images from my archives, but that is not very satisfying for me, so I’m trying to figure out a way to make some images in a modern apartment (that has few nooks and crannies and mostly bright light).

    Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out.

    I did do some research on Joseph Sudek’s photography, but am keen to get a book of his work so I can look at it more closely (having limited internet allowance per month for browsing). My local library has virtually no Photography books (except the technical side), so I’ll have to try the city. Many 2nd hand bookshops have closed down now as being unviable in this age of the internet.


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