(NOTE: if you’ve followed my Nature blog, you’ll know I’ve just moved apartments…….yesterday in fact.  After months of searching, I hope my new home is better for food markets, general shops and public transport etc.  Today I’m drowning in tissue paper, bubble wrap, boxes and overwhelmed with trying to fit too much furniture into one tiny apartment.  Hopefully I’ll be back to posting on this blog again soon).

26 thoughts on “EMPTY

  1. Thanks Bun.
    I was so tired last night I slept for about 10 hours straight 🙂
    Hard to find spaces and places (when the cupboards and shape of the rooms are very different).

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  2. All boxes are empty and stacked against a wall, thank goodness, but now to put find the best places to put things. I seem to have piles everywhere.
    I thought I downsized 2 years ago, but I still seem to have so much ‘stuff’.

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  3. ‘Hang in there’ is right, Peggy. I guess it’ll take days/weeks to rearrange as it’s a small apartment. But today, food shopping. I deliberately emptied freezer, fridge & food cupboards days ago to make moving easier. And with unpacking boxes yesterday was too tired to go to the shops (which are now only 7-8 mins walk away), but can get a bus to the fresh food market (which is mainly Asian on this side of Melbourne).

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  4. Thanks RR. Lots of positives about this new apartment and location.
    Rain & wind all day yesterday, but at least moving day on Wednesday was bright & sunny.


  5. I hope it all fits to your liking! You have chosen a very good time for your move. By the time you settle in, Spring will brighten it all up for you, inside and out.

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  6. It had better be ‘right’ this time around, Terry.

    Lots of rain and wind at the moment, but I kind of like the howling sound through the building. If I shut my eyes I can almost imagine I’m stuck in a blizzard in the Antarctic or the Himalayas 🙂 The whistling sound is like all the dozens of books/dvds I have on wilderness, exploration, The Himalayas, Alaska and Shackleton’s exploits rolled into one. I rather like it. I find it very comforting. Wonderful Spring weather for my move on Wednesday, but rained most of the day yesterday and this morning.

    When the wind drops, it’s very quiet here on a week day. No hum of the warehouse air-con units in the background in the lane like the old place. I see people walking down the front path and walking their dogs, so I don’t feel so isolated here on ‘at home’ days. When I was housebound with foot or back pain, I mightn’t see a human being for a couple of weeks in the old place. Hopefully, here, I have a good balance of nature walks & proximity to shops & public transport.

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  7. Thanks Derrick.
    (I’m sorry I haven’t had time to comment on the blogs I follow, but hope to get back to this in the coming days…..yours included).

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  8. Amongst a zillion other chronic health problems, I have a sleep disorder so 10 hours may not necessarily mean 10 hours of deep, restful, restorative sleep – something all our bodies need to replenish our organs and cells, but 8-9 hours is usually what I need. I’ve deleted my ‘About’ page which detailed some of the reasons why I had to quit working in early 2010 and take early retirement. My Photography (and sometimes writing) is normally the only thing I really have the energy for, then I need to rest and put my feet up for the rest of the day 🙂


  9. Moving a whole household is an indescribable pain. We’re dreading ours, which we expect will be about a year from now, and we’ll have do downsize drastically. Our daughters call the effect of long-term accumulation of things “stuffocation.”

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  10. Because I’ve always rented, there is a certain clear-out with each move and not being able to accumulate too much in a small studio style apartment nowadays. I used to be a hoarder (of books for example), but now my vision is poor (even with glasses), I managed to clear out about 400 fiction books a couple of years ago and only kept about 7. But non-fiction, well I’ve still got a couple of hundred of those.

    I can’t imagine clearing out a whole house, yard (and outdoor sheds?). Your home must house a lifetime of family memories too. A very painful and difficult chore indeed. As terrible as it may sound, try to put yourself in the position of your children having to clear everything after you & CD were gone. Now THAT thought, will help you decide ‘keepers’ (or not). If you haven’t worn or used something in 3-4 years, then they may help too.

    Unless it’s very precious like photos (which I obviously have kept), I usually try to re-home my unneeded cast-offs with a local charity. My family call it ‘wasting money’ throwing something good out (but they all own their homes and have plenty of storage room). I call it re-homing, or sharing, with the jobless and needy.


  11. The idea of moving is enough to make me start to shake 🙂 Hope all is going well with the new move ~ and like the darkness of this shot; highlights of the creative nature of colors around the can and tube. Wishing you a great week ahead Vicki.

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