The things buskers do to make a living……….

(note:  A Busker is a street artist or musician)





I’ve often photographed this Busker and his 4 dummies, but these are the first images I’ve ever made which actually had enough contrast to see the details.  Must have been the right light on this overcast winter day.

I’ve often seen the short photographer in the foreground around the city centre with his long telephoto lens, but not sure I’ve even seen him with the lens to his eye.  I wonder if he’s a freelance photojournalist?

PS.  The real person in the concrete clothes is the man in the centre at the rear of the five dummies.  In the first photo of this post, his hand giving the ‘thumbs up’ sign is visible and actually moved when I stood watching.


13 thoughts on “STONE STOCK MEN – Melbourne CBD

    1. Yessiree, John.
      I’ve seen this busker many times, but never got a decent shot before this afternoon.

      (I was actually going to the Botanic Gardens for the 1st time in 18 mths, but there seemed to be tram disruptions, hence the walk around the city block. More pics to come after I’ve see them in daylight tomorrow).


    1. I don’t think I would either. They stand there not moving like a statue for hours on end. There’s a fabulous lady who stands perfectly still dressed like a fairy in grey paint like a statue and then she moves just one hand or smiles at a child going up to touch her fairy costume and you suddenly realise she’s human.
      I don’t know how these buskers deal with bathroom breaks. I suppose they head into the nearest department store in the city.

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    1. Thank you.
      I don’t often post in this blog these days as I don’t go to Melbourne’s city centre as much as I used to. I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and sometimes the crowds, cigarette smoke and people’s perfumes and body products can be overwhelming.
      I tend to post in my Nature blog……Living with Nature on a more regular basis.

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      1. Thanks for the tip on your other blog! Your photos are so great! I just gave that a follow! I’m new at this whole blogging thing so any tips you may have are very welcome! 😊

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    2. The thing with blogging is that you should decide whether to write (or post photos as I do) about yourself in a personal way, or things in an abstract way, and always remember that your followers come from many countries and all walks of life. You need to paint pictures with words and if necessary, explain what, where or who you’re talking about. If your blog is a work of fiction, say so. Just be careful of how much personal information you give out. I used to write under a pseudonym, then as I became more confident in my photography, I started using my real name.

      In general, I get a couple of new followers most weeks, so occasionally I include a bit more personal information about myself. This may seem repetitious to long-time followers of many years standing, but I think it helps new followers to understand a bit about the person behind the camera lens (in my case). Open your post with an image (as you’re travel writers). An image catches attention.

      Think of blogging like writing a book. If you’re a writer, give an introductory sentence, then the story (or subject) and then a closing sentence. Remember not to write too much as many people like me with sight problems, or short on time, won’t have the time or ability to read all your post and will quickly lose interest. Remember that your last sentence might be the one thing a reader will remember so word it on an ‘upbeat’ (not a weak ‘downbeat’).

      Personally, I lose interest with long paragraphs, so I try to only put 3-4 sentences in a paragraph and if I’m doing a long post with many photos, try to alternate that long post with a few short posts (or even) just one photo on its own with no words, every now and then. Choose catchy titles and put as many tags as possible. Lots of tags gives you more exposure when people do web searches on their favoured topic.

      When I started blogging I used to post 3 photo posts every night, then I discovered how laborious it can be for readers who follow many blogs. Now, I mix it up. A few days without posting at all and a few posts in a row on consecutive days, or occasionally, if I’ve made a lot of good photos, I might revert back to 3 posts in one night. I follow far too many blogs, so each week, I have a couple of days/nights off the computer, otherwise I’d never get out the door to do any Photography at all. Blogging can be addictive.

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      1. Thank you so much for the detailed advice!! It’s so nice to hear your thoughts and I definitely value them and what you have said! Blogging sure can be addictive too…lol… but I love what you said about photos and posting. As I am just getting started I am still trying to find my voice and figure out all the details and how I want to portray my travels and adventures. The internet can be scary when you put yourself out there so I think it’s smart to not give away too much information about yourself! Thank you so much and I would love you to follow along my journey and let me know your thoughts about anything. Thanks again and hopefully we will communicate again! It sure is so nice to meet other bloggers!! Happy blogging to you! 😊

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