STREET ART (and how to shoot a photo series)


In this weeks newsletter of Australian  (which I subscribe to), there’s an article on how to shoot a photo series.

I think I do a photo series every time I step out my front door.  I started this blog off with the intention of only uploading one Black & White image for every post (with no words or explanation of my intent) except the post Title.

I quickly ran out of steam because many/most of my online photo sharing in the past has been about A walk with my Camera.

I love Black & White, but simply could not do enough that I was satisfied with, to (post regularly).  I also found it too hard on my limited energy to keep up 2 blogs with regular posts.  Actually, I was running 3 blogs at one stage last year – one on Health subjects, treatments and Alternative Therapies (of which I have had much experience and formal certification).

But as to Photo Series……..

My afternoon excursions with my camera have usually involved a series of images, (close-up & distant), of whatever location I visit.

In the first part of the Australian Photography article they stress Planning Ahead – Plan, Plan, Plan.

I don’t.

I just make a series of images reflecting what I see on my walk and chose a number to upload in a post.  Now that I don’t restrict this blog to Black & White, there will be more colour series in the future.

Case in point is today’s post from my Street Art archives.  They’re old images, but  on the day I shot them in Hosier Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, they would have made a good “photo series”.  Actually, they’re bright and vibrant and maybe a little too much to share for the nature lovers.  But now that this blog is about varied subjects, not just B & W, it’s relevant to post them.

I’ve made hundreds of photos of Street Art from the city over the years, as the lanes and wall surfaces keep getting painted over by various artists (and some non-artists who just want to make graffiti or spoil artist’s work).

If you went to Hosier Lane today, you may well see a completely different series to the above.

(Both people in the above series consented to my taking their photo and using it on my blog.  I don’t usually ask Buskers or Street Artists unless I’m right up close.  I figure if they’re performing in public hoping to get noticed (and make money), then my followers or random viewers can publicly see the results).

15 thoughts on “STREET ART (and how to shoot a photo series)

  1. You can reblog any post you like, John.

    The only time I get upset is if someone steals one of my images and promotes them as their own, OR uses one of my images for commercial purposes without my permission e.g. a couple of plant nurseries in Victoria have used my flower image(s) in their online catalogue/store without asking me first.


  2. Ah, my first trip back to your blog in a while and it’s one of my favourite things about Melbourne. I love the street art down your way and it’s one of the things that draws me to your city. I’ve always enjoyed your excellent street art shots, whether they be black and white or colour. I’m a big fan of urban as well as nature shots. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

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  3. The question of permission to photograph a stranger is an interesting one. A photo release form is easy to find on the web, but it takes time and can be a little embarrassing, not to mention tending to cut severely into the spontaneity. I feel that anyone who performs or displays in a public place is fair game. The only time I’d want to get a written photo release would be when I make a shot that I know will be a favorite and that I might be able to sell some day. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve taken that extra step–and I can count on the other the number of times I dearly wish that I had!

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  4. These are great. It is funny. I have the same feeling when out shooting the street. I find that more and more images appear and it would just be rude not to capture them. keep up the awesome work, and if I see you shooting around Melbourne I’ll say hi!


  5. I made those images some years ago now. I have to admit this blog is languishing now that I live in Maribyrnong and don’t go to the city CBD hardly at all these days. I’d like to do some more abstract photography for this blog, but haven’t had time to experiment or gain some inspiration, Alex. Thanks for commenting.

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