STREET ART – Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Apart from Melbourne’s lane ways, there are an extraordinary number of gifted and highly creative Street Artists who display their craft in the inner suburbs.


Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, dates back to the early 1840s.  Originally a working-class area of low rent and cheap shops, it is now home to many students, artists and bohemians.

I walked partway down one small section on the way to the supermarket in that area and made a few images of the Street Art (to share online) on the way.

(I must be the only person who carries a camera and lenses on the back of their shopping trolley to do food shopping 🙂 ).




Shop facades in Brunswick Street and surrounding side streets are usually unkempt and un-restored.  Those buildings/shops that are painted, are often  done with a ‘distressed‘ effect – I suppose there must be some kind of chemical which makes paint peel as it dries?  Some of the shop signs are works of art in themselves and Street Art adorns almost every corner or main building.  Even the 1st floor above the shops, which are residential, have the occasional window covered with a painted piece of art.

Even though I’m a Nature Lover at heart, I can’t help but be awed by these outdoor art galleries.  Since I moved to the north-eastern side of inner Melbourne 12 months ago, my main  bus route to the city centre leads me straight past many of these areas.  One of these days, I’ll walk down the main road from the city through Carlton, Brunswick, Fitzroy and Collingwood (which are inner suburbs along the bus route) and photograph some more of this extraordinary Street Art.

Ehrrrrrr……..not all in one day though 🙂

8 thoughts on “STREET ART – Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  1. Your photos of street art fascinate me (and even the streets by themselves). So different from the rural life I live here. I would have to drive for 500 miles to see streets even close to that.

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    1. My current suburb and the others between here and the city are very old and un-renovated for the most. This used to be the working class or poorer side of Melbourne. Still colourful and full of history, but many of the old mills, factories and warehouses have now been renovated into modern apartments blocks (as is the front building next to my new one). Certain streets are still lined with old rows of working class cottages, but command very high prices when one goes up for sale.

      As an adult, after I came back from several years of overseas travel in my early twenties, I’ve always lived in the south-east side of the river which is a mixture of prosperous, new or renovated large houses and apartments.

      I was brought up on a 1/4 acre block in what was then, mainly bush land in the outer eastern suburbs. My Father built a small bungalow where my parents lived until my Father built our first house in the outer east of Melbourne.

      There is the Greek side of the city, the Italian side and the Vietnamese/Chinese. Melbourne and most capital cities in Australia are very multi-cultural and an amazing array of various styles of restaurants and shops. Something like 93% of Australians live in coastal towns and cities.
      Melbourne is known as the Garden City with it’s many public Parks and Gardens (of which I have shared images of over the last few years on my 1st WordPress Blog My elderly Father still has a property up in the early gold-mining area of the mountains with a hand-built ‘cabin’ using the original old brick chimney of the gold-miner’s cottage. There would be areas of Australia wild mountainous and remote like your own.

      Back in my car-owning healthy/fit days, it would be nothing for me to drive up to the central area of my state for the day/weekend/week either with friends (or even on my own on a day trip). I’m a wanderer at heart and find my health restrictions incredibly frustrating these days.


  2. Ah, more street art. I love these and also your moody coffee shop and people in the street pics from other posts. Your urban work is a treat.


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