1. I remember hearing a U.K. tourist commenting on the unusual mix of old and new architecture in Melbourne, Trisha. With the city being only about 225 years old, you have the original bluestone buildings mixed with the grey stark modern architecture. The good part about Melbourne city is that there are many tree-lined streets or, landscaped garden areas at the base of the modern skyscrapers.


  2. It does look like quite a mix of old and new. It’s funny you say it’s “only” 225 years old. I know that’s quite new for most of the world but it’s ancient compared to anything around here! Our oldest buildings are from around the 1890’s. No wonder I’m so fascinated with your older architecture – we don’t have anything from that era! I do hope I can visit Australia some day to see it. But, in the meantime, I’m sure enjoying your photos.

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  3. Australia was settled by white people around 1788, (but Melbourne was established around 1835).

    I think the coast of Australia was discovered by the Dutch in the 1600s though. Partly mapped, but never settled in.


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